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What is Brave Browser? Is BAT crypto a Good Investment?

An average person watches 5,000 ads daily. This ad viewing is not an option but a compulsion. Courtesy to Google Analytics that indexes 70% of global websites. So, in case you look surprised to see an ad about a product you have long been thinking about, Google knows it. Double Click, an ad-serving system bugged 50% of websites for creating this effect. That’s irritating, isn’t it? But now, we have a solution. Users can look beyond Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla for a premium browsing experience. We are talking about the Brave Browser. Available across multiple platforms, the Brave Browser is fast, convenient, and ad-free. Here’s everything you need to know about the BAT Browser and the BAT crypto.

What is Brave Browser? 

Brave Browser uses Chromium, a Google-sponsored, free, and open-source web browser. Despite this fact, Brave is 3X faster than Chrome with better privacy and 35% lesser battery usage. On Brave Browser, users have the discretion to ask ad sponsors to pay them in BAT tokens for ad viewing. 

How Brave Browsers Protects Users?

How Ad Creators Earn On Brave Browsers? 

Not all ads are bad. 52% of the brand discovery happens on social feeds. So, there’s a good chance that users can explore some of the best products. Hence, de-incentivizing ad creators’ efforts might put them away from the market. That’s where Brave Rewards come into the picture. Users on the Brave browser can see ads of their choice and pay their creators. Viewers get 70% of ad revenue in BAT tokens as Brave rewards. They can distribute their rewards as per their will. Thus, making the ecosystem sustainable for creators and viewers.

Is BAT a Good Crypto Investment?

BAT hasn’t shown a significant leap in the last year. If you are wishful of diversifying your portfolio, you can add it. But if you are completely banking on BAT, it might not be wise. You can look at the chart for the last year to make a decision.

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Brave Browser
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What is Brave Browser? Is BAT crypto a Good Investment?  
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