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Don’t know what ANKR Crypto is? Here’s a Quick Explainer

There are more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies out there. Each project tries to solve a certain existing problem through decentralization or forms a simple community of blockchain-loving users. When it comes to crypto investing, it is very important to always go for the former. These are digital solutions to real-life problems. Ankr crypto is one example of a successful project, aiming to power the blockchain economy through web3 and DeFi. Let’s talk more about Ankr and see its current technical price!

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ANKR Crypto

What is Ankr Crypto?

Ankr is a project that aims to make blockchain node hosting more efficient and more affordable. It does so by utilizing shared resources through the power of decentralized blockchains. This allows corporate companies and developers easy and cheap access to blockchain technologies. Ankr’s own cloud infrastructure operates independently compared to public cloud providers, and that it is completely powered through geographically distributed data centers. This increases its stability and resilience levels. Who competes with Ankr? Well, think of Ankr like Amazon AWS, but operating in a decentralized manner.

What does the ANKR Token do?

The token of the Ankr blockchain is called…well, ANKR. They are used to pay for service fees on the platform, such as node deployment and API services. They are also used to participate in on-chain governance. Additionally, they act as insurance for network participants.

The maximum supply of ANKR is set to 10 Billion tokens, with a current circulation of 8.16 Billion ANKRs. The current price of ANKR is around USD 0.18. It previously reached an all-time high price of USD 0.21, with a market cap of USD 1.81 Billion.

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Where Can you Buy ANKR ?

There are many exchanges that offer ANKR as a token. But one must always look for the most reputable ones that offer good prices, low fees, and have high volumes. Here are our top picks for exchanges that offer ANKR:

Ankr crypto chart - ANKR/USD 1-day chart
Fig.1 ANKR/USD 1-day chart – TradingView

Ankr crypto
Ankr crypto© Cryptoticker

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Don’t know what ANKR Crypto is? Here’s a Quick Explainer  
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