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What is Uland and How It Will Revolutionize Real World Assets Via Digital Assets?

In case you are wondering if the concept of digital assets is new, it isn’t. The base originated way back in the past.  Projects like Entropia MMO and Ultima Online introduced the foundation of the technology. Post the launch of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs, they just went mainstream.

The main reason for the same is technology supporting their sustainability and scarcity driving their value. Through the use of blockchain, anyone can buy and raise digital assets. In the process, making them scarce and valuable. So, you can understand why the madness is intensifying within the  SandBox ecosystem. Or, why people are so reckless to dump thousands of dollars to buy a 50*50 feet plots on the Decentraland metaverse

These plots have a use case where NFTs are getting stored. In their absence, it would mean users have no place to store in-game assets or trade them at premium rates. On top of this, these metaverses are also simplifying buying physical land. As in the real world, buyers have to pay taxes and stamp duties for land purchases. But, on the metaverse, they can bypass all complexities by quickly buying lands with no paperwork.

So, if you want to maximize your gains while investing in properties or real estate, metaverse could be your stop point.  ULand is an emerging digital asset concept to revolutionize the concept of buying properties as digital assets cross-border via the metaverse. In this article, we shall deep dive to find out everything about ULand and whether it is a good idea to buy digital lands there. 

What is ULand?

Uland is an NFT project on the Binance Smart Chain that replicates planet Earth. So using blockchain technology and NFTs, you can own any part of the Earth on Uland. It could be beautiful cities, natural parks, or oil rigs. In case this concept is intriguing, those NFTs truly represent real-world assets. With that said, isn’t it exciting to purchase the entire Burj Khalifa in a flash? Sounds like a Utopia, but it could be true soon.  

Is it a Good Idea to Buy digital lands there? 

When Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook said Metaverse would be the next paradigm in computing, there’s enough reason to support his statement. At the moment, what we want is an immersive experience while dealing with the digital space. While interacting with friends and family on Skype, Zoom, or Teams, we are devoid of that experience.  With the help of the metaverse, we can very well live that experience. Uland at the moment is building a metaverse with everything for the stakeholders. 

For the investors, there will be returns to buy lands on Uland. Whereas, if you are a gamer, there will be an immersive experience and you can literally interact with the real world in the digital space. For the common folks, it will be very simple to understand the culture, language, and way of life of different countries from the comfort of your bedroom. The best part would be participating in the job economy or wandering in a completely new atmosphere. 

As the craze to have a digital experience intensifies under the influence of metaverse, NFTs, and blockchain technology, projects like Uland are poised to explode in the future. In its initial funding, ULand has been phenomenal in securing 100% sales of all the lands. The early adopters have been rewarded with US$280,000 in their native tokens. With that said, the sooner the investors participate in the investment and funding, the better it would be for mutual benefits. As we are about to enter the world of digital assets, metaverse, gaming, and NFTs, Uland provides a perfect blend of all of them. 

How to Buy the ULand Token?

We are using BNB to buy ULand Tokens in this tutorial here.

Step 1

You need some of the BNB tokens in your Trust or Metamask wallet for the swap. In case you do not have them, transfer the same from the centralized exchanges like Binance or Coinbase to your Trust or Metamask wallet or Ledger.

Step 2

Open Pancakeswap and go to the trade section. On the trade page, you need to enter the ULand smart-contract which will import UTokens to your wallet.

Step 3

Once the import is complete, enter the BNB as shown in the image.

Pancakeswap ULAND/BNB - Digital Lands

Step 4

Connect to  Pancake Swap, keep the slippage setting  to 10% to 20% 

Step 5

Click on the swap button and once the swap is complete. You can add the crypto to your custom wallet using the add custom token button. 

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What is Uland and How It Will Revolutionize Real World Assets Via Digital Assets?  
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