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Ethereum NFTs 2016/2017 – A Report On The Recent Findings

Non Fungible Tokens or NFTs have recently became popular and the NFT archaeologist are rediscovering the old projects again. There has been a gold rush of old and historical NFTs on different blockchains mainly Ethereum lately. However, just when we think that we had discovered them all, we come across a few more. We have presented the top 5 historical NFTs list on Bitcoin/Counterparty and Ethereum. But, it appears that there were more projects than thought of in 2017 and the list for Ethereum might need to be updated again. Let’s see a fresh recently rediscovered NFT projects for Ethereum NFTs 2016/2017.

Etheroji circa Nov 17, 2017 *No Permanent Ownership

Etheroji is another Ethereum NFT dig of @_jdl and basically allows users to buy and earn from Emojis on the Ethereum blockchain. It was deployed on Nov 17, 2017. The official website introduces the project as “Etheroji: where you can buy and sell Emojis using Ethereum Smart Contracts. Simply select your choice of Emoji on the site, pay your Ether and then add the link of your choice, so other visitors clicking on it will be directed to your site”

However, even if you buy a Emoji and your ownership isn’t permanent. Through, a weird mechanism, anyone can obtain your purchased Emojis for double the amount, in case you will. Well we will let the official source explain “Your ownership is recorded on the Ethereum blockchain and through the power of Smart Contracts if someone else wants to then buy your Emoji then you will automatically receive your original Ether value back, along with a 20% profit. The Smart Contract controls the price of each Emoji, doubling it each time they are purchased (although keep in mind that it may be that no one wants to buy the Emoji after you – so no returns are guaranteed)”

NumberBoard circa Nov 16, 2017

NumberBoard is the recent NFT dig of the famous NFT archeologist Adam McBride and one of Ethereum NFTs 2017. It was launched on Nov 16, 2017 as determined by the contract deployment date – which places it a week before CryptoKitties. NumberBoard allows you to claim numbers, starting from 0 and upto 1078. The rarity part is earlier numbers sub100 and ones with meme value like 69 or 420 or 666. Once a number is claimed, the owner can place and even modify a message later in that number slot. It’s possible to bid on the claimed numbers and even buy new ones, in case they are available through the official site.

NumberBoard - Ethereum NFTs
NumberBoard – Ethereum NFTs

Ethereum Pixels circa July 15, 2017 *No Permanent Ownership

Another digital billboard and tile based NFT, which can be bought and modified. Ethereum Pixel was launched on July 15, 2017 and rediscovered by Twitter user / NFT archeologist @_jdl. According to the official FAQ on the website “It’s a 1000×1000 grid of Pixels whose entire edit history is stored permanently in the Ethereum blockchain. The backend logic is powered by a public smart contract running on the main Ethereum network. It was originally inspired by Reddit’s r/place”

Ethereum NFT Ethereum Pixels
Ethereum NFT Ethereum Pixels

It’s inarguably one of the most pristine and preserved NFT digs, as the contract and website, both are operational. Even the buy out function works. According to @_jdl, there are still unclaimed tiles and they can be claimed by using the below method, once again a direct interaction with the smart contract. There is no permanent ownership and the contract will relist a user’s purchased tile for 20% more, the user will still take a cut from the deal, but be careful. See some more explanation from the official source:

“Every Pixel in the grid is owned by an Ethereum address and has a set price and color. The owner of a Pixel may change its color at any time. Other users may pay the listed price to purchase a Pixel from its owner and change its color. The payment is credited to the owner minus a small transaction fee. In addition to the web UI, the underlying smart contract can also be called programmatically to edit Pixels in bulk”

Initial Pixel Offering circa July 03, 2017

Another digital billboard type Ethereum NFT project rediscovered by @_jdl, Initial Pixel Offering was deployed on July 03, 2017. Even though the website isn’t functional, the contract appears to have been exploited and the current status unknown. Initial Pixel Offering is significant for one more reason, besides the obvious historical value. It’s team was extremely good with record keeping and documented every single part of their journey on both Medium and GitHub. The official description? “An Ethereum based pixel economy and marketplace where you can buy and trade digital real estate”. Even the CryptoPunks creator Larva Labs thanked a user for putting them on the Initial Pixel Offering billboard. Interesting!

Pixel Map circa Nov 17, 2016

Pixel Map was another Ethereum NFT dig by Adam McBride, who seems to have a knack for bringing these projects out of obscurity. It’s currently the only known Ethereum based NFT project in 2016, contract deployed on Nov 17, 2016. Basically, there is a small map, comprised of 3970 tiles and users can purchase / customize these tiles. These tiles can have their color modified and new messages/links placed on the blockchain – forming sort of a digital bill board. Since, this is an extremely old contract, the procedure to buy tiles or modify them isn’t clear and involves dealing directly through smart contract. You can read Adam’s explanation here.

Pixel Map - Ethereum NFTs
Pixel Map – Ethereum NFTs

ethereum nfts 2017
ethereum nfts 2017© Cryptoticker

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Ethereum NFTs 2016/2017 – A Report On The Recent Findings  
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