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Logan Paul NFT Scam – What Really Happened?


Logan Paul got high criticism for using adobe stock images and Photoshopping as part of his NFT Cryptozoo project. Logan Paul announced that he was starting his own Cryptozoo cryptocurrency project. It is an autonomous ecosystem where owners breed, collect and trade hybrid animals through NFTs. Was it really a Logan Paul NFT Scam?

Logan Paul NFT Scam – What Really Happened?

The project has quickly gained a considerable following on social networks. At first, the project looks promising, but probably no one will be surprised that the launch was a complete disaster as Logan Paul and his team has been criticized for allegedly using photoshopped adobe stock images. If we take a look at their social media we see people demanding refunds and asking why they can’t see the eggs they bought in their open sea or Metamask. 

The sale launched on a Saturday and raised about $3.54 million on the first day, selling 3,000 NFT for 1 Ethereum each. In addition, three holders would have a chance to win a Pokémon First Edition bundle valued at $40,000 that included a paid flight to attend the box break in Los Angeles.

Paul’s NFT sale is incredible because it brings together a celebrity with blockchain and NFT. The sale Paul made through Bondly became one of the most successful sales in history, garnering $1 million in sales in the first thirty minutes.


The popularity and growth of NFT is increasing as a method to sell digital art and run contests. With influencers like Logan Paul using blockchain technology to run competitions, it is clear that they are set to continue. The question remains, will they always lead with a bad example? As their big actions attract high criticism not only for their projects but for the entire industry!

Logan Paul NFT Scam
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Logan Paul NFT Scam – What Really Happened?  
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