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This Coin Is Making Millionaires EVEN in a Bear Market!


There is only one certainty when it comes to investing in digital assets and that is that at some point, prices will shift dramatically. If you want to make serious profits your primary concern is to manage the impact of crypto market uncertainty on your bottom line. The ArbiSmart project, powered by the RBIS token is able to generate steady profits even if the market suddenly changes direction. Since it was launched in 2019, RBIS has already gone up by 595%, and it is continuing to rise in value at a steady rate, with analysts projecting a 4,000% rise by 2023.

In the highly volatile crypto markets, AribSmart is proving to be the perfect hedge against a downturn. Here’s how:

How Does ArbiSmart Shield Against Volatility?

ArbiSmart is an automated crypto arbitrage platform. This means that it generates a profit from temporary price disparities across exchanges. These differences in price can occur for numerous reasons, such as variations in trading volume or liquidity levels between larger and smaller exchanges, and they will continue to emerge whether the market is trending upwards or downwards.

ArbiSmart is connected to almost 40 exchanges, which it monitors simultaneously, 24 hours a day looking for cryptocurrencies that are briefly available at different prices at the same time. The algorithm makes money by automatically buying the coin on the exchange where the price is lowest before instantly selling it on the exchange where the price is highest.

As a platform user, you just sign up and fund your account with either fiat or crypto. The algorithm then converts your capital into RBIS for use trading crypto arbitrage. Since price disparities arise with the same regularity in a bear or bull market, your Bitcoin and Ethereum will not suddenly lose value if the market crashes. Instead, it will continue to earn a steady return on investment starting at 10.8% a year (0.9% a month) and going up to 45% a year (3.75% a month). The returns are reliable and predictable and the ArbiSmart yield table displays in advance exactly how much you will make on a monthly and annual basis, within that range, depending on the size of your deposit.

What is the Total Return on Investment?

Passive profits from crypto arbitrage reach up to 45% a year, not including the compound interest you will receive on those earnings.

You can also benefit from another revenue channel depending on how you store your crypto. If you choose to open a long-term savings account that is locked for a pre-set contracted period, then you can make as much as 1% a day in additional earnings.

There are also capital gains on the climbing price of RBIS, which in the two years since it was introduced has already gone up to approximately six times its original value. The price is continuing to rise steadily and is showing no sign of losing steam.

How Is RBIS Maintaining Its Upward Trajectory?

With year-over-year project growth of 150% in 2020, and a consistent climb in platform usage ever since ArbiSmart keeps expanding.

Meanwhile, the development team has a number of new RBIS utilities in the pipeline for launch through Q4, 2021 to Q1, 2022, including a crypto credit card, a yield farming service, a mobile app, and an interest-bearing wallet for both fiat and crypto.

As new products and services are added, and demand rises for RBIS, the supply will remain finite, limited permanently to 450 million tokens.

Another critical factor worth considering when evaluating the near-term trajectory of the token is that in Q4, 2021 RBIS will become listed, and as soon as it is tradable use of any RBIS utilities will require purchase on an exchange.

It looks as though the token is about to sky-rocket and if you want to seize this moment before the price soars, purchase RBIS today.

Arbismart Making Millions in Bear Market
Arbismart Making Millions in Bear Market© Cryptoticker

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This Coin Is Making Millionaires EVEN in a Bear Market!  
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