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Everything You Need To Know About Waves Crypto – Is It a Good BUY?


Developers face the challenge of writing new logic or developing the infrastructure from scratch to mint new tokens. Such a process consumes a lot of time and delays project deployment. As a result, the need for a ready to deploy blockchain ecosystem arises. The Waves crypto blockchain is the answer to these obstacles.

Waves allow developers to create and launch custom tokens. Developers need not have to write smart contracts to mint new tokens. Rather, they can write scripts like designing a website and launching the token. The waves ecosystem runs programs and tokens as attachments with a unique code. Thus making the development and deployment truly agile and speedy.

How The Waves Blockchain Work?

On the Waves Blockchain, there are two nodes: full  & lightweight nodes facilitating quicker asset minting and transfer. Full nodes keep a complete history of the transactions to maintain security & transparency. Whereas, the light nodes help in validating and confirming the transactions. Waves blockchain uses the Leased Proof of Stake mechanism to secure its ecosystem. 

WAVES Network statistics

Why is Waves Blockchain a Revolution in Decentralisation?

To explain decentralization, one has to look deeper into participation. In a typical decentralized setup, anyone can join to run an ecosystem. That’s how the POS or proof of Stake mechanism works. The problem with this model is the excessive use of resources by a handful of nodes. As a result, small participants in the ecosystem tend to lose. Waves Blockchain allows nodes to lease their tokens to others on the full node. Hence, even smaller nodes get the chance to earn via this method. 

Should You Consider Buying The Waves Token?

Waves crypto recorded a healthy 2300% ROI post its release. When you consider other tokens like Doge and Shiba Inu, the ROI of Wave dwarfs. In spite of the fact, Waves has a strong use case to prove in the long run. Waves crypto also ended up as a promising blockchain project and it is quite a hit in Russia. On top of this, experts believe that new alliances and partnerships could push waves off the roof. The token could well reach $62 by 2022 and $75 by 2023. Post the Bitcoin Halving due for 2024, Waves could hit as high as $100 as per crypto news.

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WAVES/USD YTD performance in 2021
WAVES/USD YTD performance in 2021

WAVES crypto
WAVES crypto© Cryptoticker

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Everything You Need To Know About Waves Crypto – Is It a Good BUY?  
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