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123swap Announces Integration with Moonriver Blockchain


In addition, the two market leaders work together to accelerate the development of genuinely decentralized cross-chain apps that will feed the future of DeFi.

The innovative, decentralized, non-custodial cross-chain infrastructure of 123swap is combined in this collaboration with Moonriver blockchain’s unparalleled ecosystem of projects and applications. 

By leveraging the power of cross-chain technology, Moonriver blockchain and its ecosystem projects will develop new value and use cases for its consumers. 123swap is the fastest-growing cross-chain DEFI still in the phase of the private sale.

Moonriver Blockchain

 Moonriver as an Ethereum-compatible blockchain ecosystem on the Kusama (KSM) platform is created by Moonbeam Foundation. Moonriver is designed to serve as a parachain on Kusama and will support crypto projects lead new users and businesses in a multi-chain strategy.

In Kusama, the Parachain IS a custom blockchain fed to the main blockchain, the core of the Kusama network declared the relay string. Relay Chain is liable for Kusama’s shared safety, agreement, and business establishment. The parachaining is built into Relay Chain so that you can enjoy the basic features of Relay Chain.

The Moonbeam team chose to launch Moonriver (MOVR) on Kusama to provide communities with an Ethereum-compatible intelligent contract platform and release Moonbeam (BEAM), a similar platform for Polkadot, in advanced 2021.

Moonriver is designed to operate as a “canary network” for Moonbeam on Polkadot. New code is first shipped to Moonriver, tested and validated under actual economic conditions, and then shipped to Moonbeam.

Moonriver’s local cryptocurrency, MOVR, should perform a essential part in managing and running the Moonriver channels. MOVR is presumed to be used to pay transaction fees, support the execution of intelligent contracts, incentivize collectors to produce blocks that support the web, and promote the on-chain governance mechanism of Moon River.

MOVR is airdropped to community members using the grassy cryptocurrency KSM and is expected to vote whether the application will be published as a Parachain between grassy in a process called Parachain auction.

What is next for 123swap?

123swap is a process of executing peer-to-peer minute cross-network swaps of crypto capital without lending managers or counterparties. The 123swap is an innovative market

123swap is a state-of-the-art crypto swap protocol for creative economies that allows users to:

  • You can exchange, hold, send, receive, acquire and invest your favorite assets in multiple chains.
  • 123swap offers a custodian-free service that pursues maximum safety, simplicity, and convenience.
  • They pursue safety, convenience, and convenience. Customers can see all the swap offers collected from the major crypto exchanges at once.
  • Swap offers collected from major Cryptocurrency exchanges can be viewed in one place.
  • The platform aims to have a strong community of handheld holders. through an appropriate voting system
  • Community members make important decisions, such as team tokens, through the appropriate voting system.
  • Through the appropriate voting system, community members make important decisions about adopting team or advisory tokens, such as lock duration.


Nowadays, 123swap is the fastest growing Blockchain network and also going to make a contract with other such crypto networks.  Moonriver Blockchain is also committing 123swap to proceed further in the market. It will be a considerable revolution in the market when these blockchains are combined and grow together.

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123swap Announces Integration with Moonriver Blockchain


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