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Bitcarra Christmas Party 2021 and Christmas Solo Competitions: Win Tesla, USDT, BTC & More

  • Bitcarra is hosting Bitcarra Christmas Party 2021 from 6th December 2021;
  • The party also include Christmas Solo Competitions starting from 20th December 2021;
  • Participants can win Tesla, Apple Products, USDTs, Carra Tokens, and more.

Bitcarra is here again to make Christmas special for its users with the Bitcarra Christmas Party 2021 and Christmas Solo Competitions. Since its launch, the bit-crash gambling giant has been surprising everyone with its larger-than-life campaigns and events. This time, the platform has been grabbing attention with its unbelievable prizes and rewards – Tesla Model 3, Apple Products, USDTs, BTC, Carra Tokens, and more.

The Christmas-themed events begin on 6th December 2021 and will continue until 5th January 2021. The Bitcarra Christmas Party 2021 and the Christmas Solo Competitions will make the New Year, too, special for its registered users.

The Bitcarra Christmas Party 2021 is focused on giveaways and rewards while the Christmas Solo Competitions include individual competitions. To make the winnings easier, Bitcarra has simplified all the mechanisms.

Here is a review of what the Xmas special from Bitcarra has to offer:

The Bitcarra Christmas Party 2021

Bitcarra Christmas Party

This giveaway event will be held in three parts:

Party Deposit Bonus: 6th Dec 2021 to 5th Jan 2022

Users with the highest net deposits will receive Party Deposit Bonuses. To qualify, you need to be a registered user and deposit BTC, ETH, or USDT into your Bitcarra wallets during the campaign period. You can win up to 50,000 Carra Tokens as bonuses. You can also unlock USDT bonuses by wagering more in USDT.

Holiday Giveaway: 6th Dec 2021 to 5th Jan 2022

Through this giveaway, users can win up to 2000 USDT by just following Bitcarra’s Twitter account and sharing its campaign-dedicated post. This is one of the easiest ways to enjoy Xmas festivities at Bitcarra.

Merry Fortune’s Wheel: 20th Dec 2021 to 5th Jan 2022

Every registered Bitcarra user can participate in this event. All they need to do is turn the Merry Fortune’s Wheel once in 24 hours and claim the rewards. This is no ordinary fortune wheel as it has amazing prizes like BTC, iPhone, MacBook, USDTs, and more.

Learn more about Bitcarra Christmas Party 2021 at 

Christmas Solo Competitions

Bitcarra is organizing two individual competitions this Christmas. All users will receive complimentary Carra Tokens at the start of this event. Here are the details:

Christmas Demo Competition: 20th December 2021 to 27th December 2021

If you are a registered Bitcarra user, you can use your Carra Tokens (CTs) to participate in the Christmas Demo Competition. Bet on Single Crash, Dual Crash, and Trendball and aim for the highest Return on Equity percentage. Top winners can win up to 20,000 USDT.

Christmas Real Competition:  27th December 2021 to 5th January 2021

This is where things get more exciting. This competition has a prize pool of 80,000 USDT and features a Tesla Model 3 as well. The rules are similar to the Christmas Demo Competition but here, users need to bet in USDT to get the highest Total Wagered Amount.

Bitcarra has become famous for offering something unique to online gamers. With their Bitcarra Christmas Party 2021 and Christmas Solo Competitions, they are once again getting everyone’s attention. Visit to find out more.

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Bitcarra Christmas Party 2021 and Christmas Solo Competitions: Win Tesla, USDT, BTC & More

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