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Solana Price Prediction – SOL broke a MAJOR Trendline! BOOMING Next?


Solana’s price was previously in a bull flag that could break out soon. The price reached a GoldenPocket, which is why an assumption of a breakout was imminent. However, the price has fallen again to the +/- $ 148 support. Subsequently, there was a pump on the upper trend line of the bull flag. A brief bearish reaction happened, but it appears that the Solana price is now breaking out of the formation in a bullish manner! Let’s jump into this Solana Price Prediction and show some medium-term goals before the $ 300.

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Solana Price Prediction – SOL should Do This Next

The Solana price broke the upper trend line today. However, the price needs to remain above the trendline for the next few days to confirm that the price has broken out of the bull flag. It can still happen that we are now completely sold off and it was just a fakeout

We are not assuming that this is the case, however. From now on, we expect it to rise to the $ 216 resistance. After that target is reached, the price could rise to $ 235, then $ 260, and finally $ 320. The $ 320 is the bull flag’s ultimate goal. From then on we would slowly start to book profits, as the course could start to correct from this point. The bull run may already be over by then, which is why there could be a blowoff top (quick sale within a few days).

SOL/USD 1-day chart showing the potential breakout
Fig.1 SOL/USD 1-day chart showing the potential breakout – TradingView

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Solana Price Prediction – SOL broke a MAJOR Trendline! BOOMING Next?  
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