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THIS is how you can Generate Passive Income with Cryptos in 2022


The year 2022 is just around the corner and you have probably set yourself big goals in the new year. A dream of many people is to earn a passive income alongside their job and possibly even get off the hamster wheel. With cryptocurrencies, you have a good opportunity to start building your passive income in 2022. In this article, we’re going to give you a few tips.

How to Earn Passive Income from Cryptos

The idea of ​​passive income is to stop trading your time for money. You make money from doing other activities because your money works for you. There are numerous methods for passive income, of which investing in cryptocurrencies is a particularly attractive option. 

In the field of cryptocurrencies, you can go different ways to start your passive income. You can earn money just through price gains. You can build a fortune through staking, earn money through lending or build your own income through NFTs. It’s best to combine different methods for the best possible results. Let’s talk about each method separately.

Buying Cryptos

The easiest and most popular way is to invest in cryptocurrencies. You can get high returns with an investment in Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and other altcoins. The strategy is similar to investing in the stock market. On average, cryptocurrencies offer significantly higher returns. In contrast, the risk with cryptocurrencies is much higher.

Whether you can build up a regular passive income with investments in cryptocurrencies also depends on the market situation. In bullish phases you make high returns, in the bear market it becomes much more difficult. On the other hand, regular income (e.g. monthly) is not guaranteed.

Staking Cryptos

If you’re looking for a regular source of income, staking could help. Proof-of-stake is a possibility for consensus on certain blockchain networks. It is considered a more efficient method of achieving consensus on the blockchain than the classic proof-of-work that Bitcoin uses. With staking, small investors can take part in this consensus process and thus earn interest.

Staking is an excellent way to earn passive income with cryptocurrencies. The interest mentioned here are called staking awards and are paid out to you as rewards in the form of the corresponding coins. This only works with certain cryptocurrencies. We recently put together an extensive article talking about what staking is and how to do it.

Lending Cryptos

Crypto lending is also a way to earn passive income with cryptocurrencies. You lend your cryptos to other parties and get them back with corresponding interest. However, it is important to do good research here, because the risk of loss is higher with crypto lending than with staking.

Buying NFTs

A better alternative to making money from cryptocurrencies could be NFTs. NFT stands for “Non-fungible Token”, a digital, unique, non-reproducible work. Most importantly, NFTs revolutionized the art market in 2021. There are now an extremely large number of NFT collections of digital works of art that you can buy, sell and trade on platforms such as OpenSea .

With a little initial effort, you could create your own NFTs and then offer them for sale on NFT platforms. The platforms mentioned are suitable for this. Rarible is designed as a platform NFT particular attention to the artist. In the meantime, individual NFTs have already brought in six-figure amounts.

Play2Earn in the Metaverse

The metaverse was the big topic in the crypto market in the fourth quarter. It describes a virtual space in which individuals can exchange ideas and interact with one another. There are now numerous metaverses based on the blockchain. In these metaverses, you can earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies or NFTs using the play-to-earn principle.

Some of the most famous examples include Axie Infinity, where you can raise and even fight digital creatures (Axies), and Decentraland, where you can purchase digital land and real estate. Digital land in particular can secure a passive income for you in the future.


Building a passive income with cryptocurrencies is not that difficult. You have to be aware that it will take some time and that your passive income will be rather small in the beginning. Furthermore, there is always a certain risk associated with cryptocurrencies. Cryptoticker offers very good articles and further knowledge on the topic.

You can purchase cryptocurrencies on the Binance ,  Coinbase ,  Kraken  and  Bitfinex crypto exchanges.

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THIS is how you can Generate Passive Income with Cryptos in 2022  
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