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TRON THUNDER TOKEN – Start Tron earning today !


How It Works

IMPORTANT! Do not forget about blockchain fee ! You should have 20-40 TRX more on your wallet, or your transaction will get out of energy status! Minimum contribution amount 1200 TRX We are working only with: TRON (TRX) cryptocurrency Your contribution will be activated after 1 confirmation in blockchain Withdrawable rewards come instantly to your secure wallet balance’, which is accessible only to You.

Get Tron (TRX)

You can easily acquire TRX from the most popular platforms. After allocate TRX, you can transfer it to your personal wallet, and then transfer it to Tron Thunder Wallet.

Get registered

Click on your sponsor referral link they provide and Choose the TRX package amount you desire in RUBY: 1200 TRX then Send Trx to given Wallet Address.


Start Earning

Congratulations. You have joined the unique world of Tron Thunder. You can find all your personal information on the Statistics page and you can withdraw your TRX once you have a minimum of 100TRX in the wallet.




Start Tron earning today !

The FASTEST paying Tron (TRX) project and crypto token provider on the market. Start earning Tron (TRX) today!


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