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VeChain Price Prediction – How High will $VET go? Hot Buy?


The price of VeChain was predicted to rise by around 20% from a technical aspect. The reason for this was that bullish indicators showed that the price had bottomed out. Traders managed to see that the VeChain price has bottomed out as the price has performed a sideways phase and a Doji in the weekly chart. But how far could the price rise? Should you even buy VET in 2022? Let’s tackle everything you need to know in this VeChain price prediction!

VeChain Price is Slightly BELOW the former Support area!

The price of VeChain was expected to rise to around $0.7. This level had often served as support earlier, so we expect currently the price to test and confirm this level as resistance. If we confirm the former support as resistance, the price could soon sink even lower than before. Consequently, we could see prices below $0.043 (last low). If the VeChain price breaks the current resistance area between $0.068 and $0.074, the price could rise to the next resistance. This is around $0.15.


VET/USDT 1-week chart showing the broken support of VeChain price
Fig.1 VET/USDT 1-week chart showing the broken support of VeChain – TradingView

Which is Better in 2022: VET or ETH?

The VeChain price against Ethereum looks more bullish than the USD pair. The price has reached the support zone of 0.000017 ETH – 0.00002 ETH. Every time the price reached that support zone, the price has surged back up. The first significant resistance is around 0.00004570 ETH, which is why we assume that the VeChain price could increase by around 100% compared to Ethereum in the next few weeks. Thus, VeChain will very likely outperform Ethereum. If you assume that you will always own more Ethereum, you could now rely on VeChain to have more Ethereum afterwards.

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VeChain Price Prediction – How High will $VET go? Hot Buy?  

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