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$ 39,046
5Billion Sales

5Billion Sales


3 Huge Opportunities

Our Motto:

“By Helping You Earn We Earn Too”

  • Guaranteed Sales – Your online business can earn an extra $155k net profit in 90 days!
  • Web Users – Join free & get paid $401.50 each year for your browsing data!
  • 5 Billion Sales – Over 5 Billion people don’t get paid for their browsing data yet!
  • Affiliates – Join free & earn recurring commission from 3 huge opportunities!
  • No Limits – You’re only limited by your desire to earn!
  • No Restrictions – Anyone – Anywhere can join and earn!



STOP Marketing &


STOP your Google and Facebook Ads. STOP Sending Cold Emails. STOP Making Videos. STOP Doing Webinars. STOP Posting on Social Media. STOP Relying on Referrals. STOP the Zoom Meetings. STOP Wasting Money and Time. STOP What You Are Currently Doing to Earn Money and Just Get Guaranteed Sales.

Your business needs sales or sign-ups. Guaranteed Sales can send your online business $155k extra sales or sign-ups. It works with any eCommerce website to include dropshipping, MLM, affiliate programs, eBay shops, Amazon sellers, Etsy shops, Oberlo stores and Shopify. This is a first-of-its-kind service. After Guaranteed Sales generates an extra $155k net profit for your business, you pay us a 34% profit share. This is a new type of advertising network.

Get an EXTRA $155k Commission!

We deliver ultra targeted sales and sign-ups powered by AI from our powerful platforms and browsers to your business. No marketing. Nothing to learn. Saves time and money. No more disappointing results from expensive marketing and ads!

* Guaranteed Sales is a limited offer at the once-off cost of $269. Before ordering, make sure your website can handle the volume of new business.


5Billion Sales






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