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Hedera Hinting to show bullish growth this year with Metaverse, Web3 & gaming support : Details

Hedera Hinting to show bullish growth this year with Metaverse, Web3 & gaming support : Details 6

Hedera Hashgraph confirmed its near future Metaverse-based development work plan with the multi-million dollar fund launch. 

Hedera Hashgraph is public distributed ledger based on the Hashgraph algorithm blockchain. With current global trade volume with its native token HBAR, the project is standing at 35th rank in the crypto industry. Currently, Hedera Hashgraph has its hand in multiple real-life use cases based on projects in technology and educational engineering. 

Recently HBAR Foundation announced that it launched a $250 million fund to work on the development related to Metaverse, a virtual reality-based high-level project. With the new fund, they aimed to bring Hedera’s new Metaverse ecosystem and brand customers together. So indirectly hinted that the native token of Hedera Hashgraph will play a significant role in the future virtual world of Hedera Hashgraph. 

Statement of Foundation also ensured that they will keep working on bringing the businesses & customers closely and also businesses to businesses closer, with the use of Metaverse fund. So it will help to increase the network of Hedera Hashgraph among multiple companies and projects with better use cases and support. For the same, HBAR will work on the Web3 based development works also. 

Statements released regarding the Metaverse Fund also confirmed that the team will work to provide better support with its ecosystem to the NFTs interested developers to work on the creation of unique projects with unique concepts. So in this way funding will go to four main important sectors, which are gaming, sports, fashion, and entertainment.

Sayl,  co-founder of Geert Route, commented on this Metaverse fund launch of Hedera Hashgraph and said that they are working with regulatory compliance-based blockchain, which is also friendly to the environment.

“We chose to build on Hedera for its carbon negative and enterprise-grade blockchain, tailored for security and regulatory compliance….(..)…This is exactly what brands and consumers are looking for when they enter this space.”

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Hedera Hinting to show bullish growth this year with Metaverse, Web3 & gaming support : Details


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