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25 Bitcoins support to needy families of El Salvador by USDT stablecoin issuer company

25 Bitcoins support to needy families of El Salvador by USDT stablecoin issuer company 2

Bitfinex and Tether will help families in El Salvador financially, which faced Gang Violence.

Every community, whether it is crypto or non-crypto, has its heart for the needy people. In particular, Cryptocurrencies are known as the best tool for the bad actors to facilitate illegal activities but here huge numbers of good people are actively working in favor of needy people with the use of decentralized Power of Cryptocurrencies.

Recently Global crypto exchange Bitfinex and its subsidiary Tether decided to help El Salvador’s families which faced Gang violence, with Relief Fund.

Both of these two crypto companies will donate around $1million worth of Bitcoin, around 25 Bitcoins. Paolo Ardoino, Bitfinex’s chief technology officer, said that these families are really in huge need of financial support and also need support from the crypto industry. 

Bitfinex CTO stated:

“Over the past months, I have seen several leaders from our community knocking on the president’s door, taking selfies, and publicly announcing support. It’s now time to act. Helping families affected by pandillas > buying jets and Lambos.”

Bitfinex’s CTO also urged the crypto community to donate to this fund to help Bitfinex and also ensured that Bitfinex is working with the local government agencies of El Salvador, to make sure that donations distributions are going very well. 

Couple of days ago, Through a tweet, Bitfinex CTO noted that they collected around $2 million worth of Bitcoin donations for the victims. 

Crypto donation to Ukraine 

The Crypto industry always remains ready to help needy people and countries, without any question of locality or type of opposite community.

Russia vs Ukraine war has been going on for more than 50 days but in this war situation, the crypto industry showed full support and donated huge amounts of crypto assets and also NFTs collectibles, to support Ukraine financially. 

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25 Bitcoins support to needy families of El Salvador by USDT stablecoin issuer company


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