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Billionaire Brock Pierce Claims Bitcoin may go to zero

Billionaire Brock Pierce Claims Bitcoin may go to zero 7

Brock Pierce explained two side chances for Bitcoin either to up or down to zero.

Brock Jeffrey Pierce is an American former actor and politician. At present, Brock is famously known for his work in the cryptocurrency & blockchain industry and he is currently chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation. He also ran as an independent candidate in the 2020 United States presidential election.

Recently Brock appeared in an interview with Fox Business. In the interview, Brock suggested people not go all-in with Bitcoin investment. 

Brock said that Bitcoin may follow the Binary outcome, which means either zero or one (1 million).

“(Bitcoin) could go to zero. It’s a binary outcome. It’s either going to go to $1 million a Bitcoin or zero. It’s going to be one or the other, which is why you shouldn’t put everything there.

According to Brock, the current situation of the crypto industry is similar to the 2 decades back situation of internet startups, which faced a huge downfall. 

Brock also explained with examples of Amazon and eBay-like companies, which successfully suffered the situation and emerged as successful businesses, while other failed. 

“This reminds me a lot of 1999…(..)… eBay and Amazon and all sorts of interesting businesses came out of the Dot-Com sort of 1.0 era. And a bunch of it went to zero. And I think that will probably be true of what we see here.”

Further, Brock said that we should not see negative things about the technology & innovation of this industry because it will play a vital role in our future.

The former actor also said that he invested hugely in Ethereum rival blockchain EOS and also he invested in all shares in that. 

At present, Brock is interested in NFTs projects. Last week, he contributed to the purchase and launch of allows people to create profiles and collect NFTs in profile galleries.

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Billionaire Brock Pierce Claims Bitcoin may go to zero





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