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Shiba community burned 405M Shib tokens

Shiba community burned 405M Shib tokens 5

The community of Shiba Inu token burned another big amount of the Shiba Inu token supply.

Shiba Inu is a popular meme coin, after Dogecoin. This token is standing at 15th rank in this crypto Industry, in terms of 24 hours global trade volume. However the origin of this token was without use case but in present situations, the token is useful for huge numbers of small & big businesses to pay via the crypto payment platform Bitpay.

Just before today, the Shiba Inu community burned around half a billion Shiba Inu tokens to reduce the total supply of this coin, and also due to the huge burn, the burn rate touched around 94%. 

Shiba community burned 405M Shib tokens 4
Image via Shibburn

According to reports, the total burn of this number of Shiba Inu tokens took place under the Shiba Inu token burn initiative by multiple players & platforms. 

In the last 24 hours, the biggest Shiba in the token burn was 112,462,000. And this was done by the 0x28a121e4732d7cc5972b16e48590103b2574f806 address. 

Shiba Inu token burn Portal

Recently ShibaSwap launched Shiba in token burn portal, to allow any Shiba Inu token holders to burn their holding easily. In only a week, $500k worth of Shiba Inu tokens burned only through the burn portal. 

On 27 April, a Shiba Inu community member asked the Shiba Inu token supporters to vote for the best project of Shiba Inu, Metaverse, or the Shiba Inu burn portal. 

Around 61% of Shiba lovers voted in favor of the Shiba Inu token burn portal, which can be seen in the below poll result.

At present, the project team of Shiba Inu token is focusing on the adoption and use of the Metaverse platform, Shiberse. Recently the team enabled the feature for the people to buy virtual land in Shiberse via Shiba inu token payment. 

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Shiba community burned 405M Shib tokens





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