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Terra Classic , Terra chain

Terra Luna Changes


Exchange migration guide

Use this guide to rebrand the original Terra chain as Terra Classic and integrate the new Terra chain. Please read this page entirely, as it contains important information. Check out the Exchange FAQ for answers to your frequently asked questions.

General info

Per governance proposal 1623, a new chain will be created and will assume the Terra name.

1. The original chain will still function and be re-branded as Terra Classic.

  • The original Cosmos chain will still run, with market swaps (mint/burn function) disabled.
  • All balances will remain as they are.
  • Luna will become Luna Classic (LUNC).
  • Terra stablecoins (UST, KRT, EUT, etc.) will be renamed Terra Classic stablecoins (USTC, KRTC, EUTC, etc.).

2. The new chain will be called Terra, and will assume all Terra branding assets.

  • The new chain is also a Cosmos chain, but will not have the treasury, oracle, or market modules of the original chain.
  • The new chain’s native mining token will be Luna.
  • There will be no Terra stablecoins (UST, KRT, EUT, etc.) on the new chain.


The original chain will be branded Terra Classic. The new chain will assume the name Terra.

Naming convention:

Terra Classic

The original Terra chain will be rebranded as Terra Classic.

  • Official chain name: Terra Classic
  • All Luna currently on exchanges needs to be renamed Luna Classic (LUNC).
  • All Terra stablecoins will be rebranded as Terra Classic stablecoins. For example, TerraUSD(UST) will be renamed TerraClassicUSD(USTC) and TerraKRW(KRT) will become TerraClassicKRW(KRTC), etc.


The new chain will assume the name Terra.

  • Official chain name: Terra
  • Luna (LUNA) will be the main staking asset of the chain.
  • The new chain does not contain any Terra stablecoins (UST, KRT, etc.).

Logos and assets

Please update all logos and branding according to the following conventions:

Adobe Illustrator Terra Classic and new Terra chain files.

Terra Classic:

The old chain will be rebranded using Terra Classic brand assets, including new logos for both LUNC and USTC. You will need to remove all current Logos from the original chain and implement the Terra Classic brand assets on your exchange.

You can download these assets using the links below:


The new chain will be branded with the following assets:

Mainnet launch schedule

  • 05/21 – The new Terra Core release is cut, network launch instructions made available for validators
  • 05/25 – Essential app developer registration completed
  • 05/27 – Genesis file created from final launch snapshot
  • 05/27 – Network launch

Snapshots and Airdrop

Pre-attack snapshot to be taken at Terra Classic block 7544910 (2022.05.07 23:00:04 UTC+08:00).

Post-attack snapshot to be taken at Terra Classic block 7790000.

Note: The post-attack block is estimated to occur on May 27th (2022.05.27 ~03:59:51 UTC+08:00). This block time is an estimate and may be subject to change. Please use the block height rather than the estimated time. Calculations described below should be carried out and resulting values should be utilized to properly calculate airdrop quantities.

Airdrop allocations

All airdrop allocations to UST and LUNA holders will be based on the snapshots listed above. You may review the exchange-relevant allocations below. Note that these allocations exclude the Community pool allocation of 30% as it is irrelevant to exchanges. You may review the original token distribution text proposal on the Agora forum.

Note: Wallets owned by Terraform Labs are excluded from any airdrop allocations. Wallets owned by Terraform Labs will not recieve any token allocation at genesis.

Exchange Allocation Example

Airdrop example

The following is an example token allocation using made-up numbers. None of the following balances are real. This example considers both pre- and post-attack snapshots and excludes wallets owned by TFL and the community pool.

Click here to see an airdrop allocation example.

Use different seeds

To avoid user confusion and prevent the sending of funds to the wrong accounts, ensure that the Terra Classic and new Terra chain addresses have different seeds on your exchange. You may want to include a warning to users to make sure they are transacting on the correct chain to the correct address.

Multisig guide

For questions regarding multisig wallets, refer to the multisig guide.

Base pairs





Initial supply and inflation

  • The initial supply of Luna at the genesis of the new Terra chain will be 1 billion coins.
  • The mint module will release new coins every block as staking rewards at a default rate of around 7% p.a.


Terra Classic

  • Mainnet: columbus-5
  • Testnet: bombay-12


  • Mainnet: phoenix-1
  • Testnet: pisco-1


Terra Classic:

To continue supporting Luna Classic (LUNC), the Terra Classic LCD address needs to be altered to The FCD address will be


The current primary LCD ( and FCD ( endpoints will support the new Terra chain upon launch on 05/27. This should make integration with the new Terra chain seamless.


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