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You might be Eligible for LOOKS Airdrop, here’s how to Know and What to Do

So-called “airdrops” happen regularly in the crypto world. Most of the time, it is only a few dollars that you get for free, but sometimes there can be gigantic airdrops, like the ones of “ENS” or “SOS”. With ENS, many received hefty rewards for simply creating an ETH address. The ENS Airdrop raised around $ 8,000. With the SOS Airdrop, it all came down to how much you got at Opensea, currently the largest NFT marketplace. Sometimes you could get a hold of thousands of dollars! Today, another airdrop occurred. The name of the coin is “LOOKS”. The LOOKS Airdrop, like many other Airdrops, can leave a dollar or two in your wallet, which is why you should definitely check whether you can claim the Airdrop. You can get up to 10,000 LOOKS, which currently have an estimated worth of around $ 40,000!

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How to Know if you qualify for the LOOKS Airdrop

Anyone who traded on Opensea NFTs between June 16, 2021 and December 16, 2021 could qualify for the LOOKS Airdrop. The only requirement is that you have at least a balance of 3 Ethereums. 3 ETHs sounds like a lot at first, but it accumulates quickly if you regularly trade NFTs on Opensea. The more Ethereum volume you had, the more LOOKS you get.

Looks Airdrop requirement

To see if you are qualified for the LOOKS Airdrop, you have to go to the page called “ “. There you have to connect the wallet with which you traded on Opensea. You can do this on the top right of the wallet symbol. After doing that, you should now see the green banner at the top. From there, click on “Check Now”.

If you have over 3 Ethereum volumes on Opensea, then you are now about to claim the LOOKS tokens. With this airdrop, you will get at least 125 LOOKS, which are worth around $ 475 at the moment. Next, you need to put at least one NFT of your choice up for sale on As soon as you have done that, you can claim your LOOKS.

Should you sell all LOOKS tokens directly?

If you are after the quick buck, sell them now. However, you can also stake the LOOKS tokens that you received from the LOOKS Airdrop. if you do so, you get around 850% APR. In addition, you not only get additional LOOKS from the staking process, but also from the trading fees that were incurred on the site. All trading fees incurred in NFT trading on the site are shared among the LOOKS stakers. Because of this, we recommend that you sell a part in order to have secure profits, but also stake a large part in order to get more profit out of the LOOKS Airdrop.

Looks Airdrop
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You might be Eligible for LOOKS Airdrop, here’s how to Know and What to Do  
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