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OncoCoin Crypto: Using Blockchain for Cancer Research

One of the main challenges is related to cancer research and access to patient data, which is critical in cancer research and therapy. However, the more phases of drug discovery that involve the use of real-world patient data (RWD), the more accuracy and speed can be brought to the process. Meet OncoCoin crypto.

The OncoCoin solution

OncoCoin offers a new way to address these challenges by leveraging blockchain technology to power an ecosystem of data sharing and patient empowerment.

The ecosystem serves as an enabler by providing an infrastructure through which patients can submit existing data from the comfort of their homes and researchers can search for information that aids drug discovery.

OncoCoin token incentives will support a platform that enables patients to take control of their cancer journey and accelerate the development of new therapies. This will contribute to the development of a global patient community, as well as generating a more diverse data set for researchers and reducing impediments to international data sharing and information requests.

The CURIA App: Empowering Patients with unbiased Information

A crucial part of the OncoCoin ecosystem is the Curia app. Curia was born as an idea with the mission to support cancer patients seeking help in finding the right information about their options throughout their treatment journey. To that end, the Curia app was created to bring current, accurate, and relevant information to cancer patients.

OncoCoin aims to democratize drug discovery.

Through its open-source blockchain ecosystem, coupled with anonymization at source, OncoCoin will ensure its patient’s peace of mind that data is collected in a highly secure and transparent manner.

Patient engagement: through the Curia app, patients access the resources and information they need to make crucial decisions about the steps in their journey through cancer therapy.

Access to valuable data: using blockchain and encryption, patients can license their existing information to research projects and accelerate drug discovery for researchers

Faster results for patients: by facilitating patient engagement at all stages of the drug discovery process, insights are kept on track, meaning less time is wasted on incorrect insights.

Support cancer care worldwide: Curia is available worldwide, and with a ramification to developing countries, it will help improve cancer care worldwide.


OncoCoin is building a new world of possibilities for patients to engage in their cancer journey, and drive cancer research. Blockchain and tokenization are enabling all stakeholders to engage in a democratized push for a cure for cancer.

OncoCoin Blockchain Cancer
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OncoCoin Crypto: Using Blockchain for Cancer Research  
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