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Cardano aims to expand its NFTs support with Terra Virtua

Cardano aims to expand its NFTs support with Terra Virtua 7

Charles Hoskinson will do a discussion meeting with NFTs Platform Terra Virtua.

Cardano is a 9th-ranked crypto asset, which is popularly known as an Ethereum competitor. In September of last year, developers of the Cardano project introduced smart contract features to allow smart contract and related support in Cardano blockchain. At present, huge numbers of DApps are looking to get started with the Cardano blockchain ecosystem.

On 24 April, IOHK, the Developer team behind the Cardano blockchain project, quoted a tweet of Cardano Summit NFTs and reminded the Cardano community and Cardano believers to set reminders to listen to the meeting discussion on Twitter. 

This event will start around 1.30 hours after the publication time of this article. This discussion will aim to bring the NFTs ecosystem to Cardano more expanded. 

On Cardano Ecosystem-based NFTs-related discussion, Snoop Dogg and Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson talked in Twitter space. Later Snoop Dogg launched the Cardano backed NFTs digital collectibles of Clay Nation.

These things are showing that the Cardano project team is now serious about bringing some popularity to its ecosystem and resources. However, in the past, Charles Hoskinson said that Cardano will work to make blockchain accessible and better for businesses, but not follow short-term trends. 

At present, more than 900 defi projects are under development in the Cardano blockchain ecosystem. However only limited numbers of DApps are contributing to the total Total Value locked (TVL) in Cardano Ecosystem but crypto pundits believe that the industry will see huge numbers of DApps deployment and also a huge increment in TVL.

Piece action 

The current price of the ADA coin, the native token of Cardano blockchain Network, is $0.8613 and this price is 23% low over the last 30 days. 

Cardano aims to expand its NFTs support with Terra Virtua 6

These things are a bitter example, that crypto projects work on hypes and trends, not on behalf of real development works like Cardano is doing.

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Cardano aims to expand its NFTs support with Terra Virtua


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