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Cardano developers changes Block size by 10%: Details

Cardano developers changes Block size by 10%: Details 12

Because of the huge inflow of DApps and blockchain projects, developers finally introduced a new change in the blockchain Network of Cardano.

Cardano (ADA) is a 9th ranked crypto asset by 24 hours trade volume and right now this project is taking advantage of the inflow of huge numbers of DApps in its ecosystem rapidly, thanks to Alonzo Hardfork which was introduced in September of last year. Due to increasing on chain traffic in the Cardano Blockchain network, developers are working to increase the efficiency of the network.

Around a few months ago, IOHK, the developer team behind Cardano blockchain, notified the community that they are working to increase the block size of Cardano blockchain, to increase the efficiency of the network or we can say at a time more numbers of transactions per block will be executed with the latest development work.

Through the tweet thread, IOHK confirmed that there is only a 10% increment in the block size (80k to 88k) and the effect took place on Monday 25th April @ UTC 20:20:00.

With this update, not only the Cardano network but also Dapps running on the Cardano blockchain will also enjoy significant efficiency and performance. 

Now, the developer team will monitor the network performance for the next 4-5 days to further increase the block size. 

Team noted: 

“Cardano has seen phenomenal growth in recent months, with performance improvements to match. (…) With a huge recent rise in transaction volume – and significant further girth expected – we’ll be continuing to very carefully monitor and steadily optimize the Cardano network as we grow.”

Last week, the Cardano developer launched the ERC-20 converter tool in Cardano mainnet to allow the Ethereum blockchain-backed token users to use on both Cardano and Ethereum networks easily.

Now, IOHk will Focus on the Vasil Hardfork to make the Cardano network much better than other blockchain networks, to create a very big competition in the industry.

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Cardano developers changes Block size by 10%: Details





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