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Cardano founder waiting to see Twitter under the leadership of Elon Musk

Cardano founder waiting to see Twitter under the leadership of Elon Musk 2

Charles Hoskinson once again responded to ElonMusk’ effort to acquire Twitter.

Charles Hoskinson is one of the co-founders of the  Ethereum blockchain project. In 2014, Charles left the Ethereum project and finally launched his separate blockchain project Cardano in 2017 to make his initial dream to make blockchain technology used at the commercial level. Right now Cardano is standing at the best level as a secured and much stable blockchain Network. 

The Twitter account of “The Independent” tweeted about the news of the  “Elon’ Twitter acquisition deal”. In response, Charles Hoskinson tweeted that he is eagerly waiting to see Elon Musk’ leadership for the Twitter platform because Elon was the first person who talked about the issues of crypto giveaway bots accounts.

Earlier this, on 24 April, Charles responded to the Watcher.Guru’ tweeted on Elon Musk’ deal to buy Twitter and confirmed that he is very happy with this upcoming deal. 

When the whole news of Elon Musk’s offer to buy Twitter was in its initial phase then at that time Cardano founder tweeted that if Twitter will reject Elon’ offer then he would like to help him to create an open-source media platform. 

Mike Novogratz, CEO and founder of Galaxy Digital, also responded to the Elon & Twitter deal and noted that Elon will do what he said, so here Twitter should give a chance to Elon to remove crypto bots. 

Peter Schiff, the chairman of SchiffGold & Bitcoin critic, also responded and claimed that Elon is trying to sell his Tesla share wisely and again buy at discount.

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Cardano founder waiting to see Twitter under the leadership of Elon Musk





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