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Despite the controversy, Floki in resumes advertisement

Despite the controversy, Floki in resumes advertisement 10

Popular Dogecoin rival Floki in meme coin entered again in an ads campaign to push the adoption of the coin.

Floki Ainu is a meme token, which has no real use case but still getting better benefits in the crypto industry because of the meme coin trend, which was initiated last year because Tesla CEO Elon Musk support to Dogecoin. Due to better advertisement and promotion strategy, Floki Inu is standing at 2864th rank, which is not bad for a new meme coin.

On 24 April, the Floki inu team announced that it is ready to promote its Floki inu token in public areas from Tuesday of this week. Advertisements will include 100 buses across the streets of London and 203 strategic placements across the London Underground.

In late 2021, When the Floki inu team did huge promotion of the coin in the UK then at that time UK advertising agency started to work on new provisions and restrictions on meme-based crypto advertisements to ensure the safety of people. 

Sabre, the pseudonymous moniker for Floki Inu’s Director of Marketing, noted that the advertisement team behind the Floki Inu team is not going down under this contrary situation. 

Director added: 

“In a sense, this second London campaign is an even bigger win for Floki and the crypto industry as a whole than the first, as our team has fought for the right to advertise our groundbreaking project to the public.”

Director also noted that some agencies want to ban us everywhere and also anti-crypto agendas are coming rapidly due to misinformation regarding this technology. 

Crypto advertisement and new provisions

In the first month of 2021, Many advertisement watchdogs introduced new kinds of rules and regulations on the crypto-related advertisement, to ensure the safety of crypto investors. 

The majority of the agencies noted that the majority of the crypto ads were forcing people under emotional situations to invest in Cryptocurrencies, so new provisions against the crypto advertisement are a strict need. 

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Despite the controversy, Floki in resumes advertisement





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