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ENS domains’ .eth NFTs trade volume surges to 3,333%

ENS domains' .eth NFTs trade volume surges to 3,333% 6

Ethereum Name Service saw huge sales of 10,000 four digits NFTs in a single day.

NFTs concept entered the crypto industry around 4 years ago but still, this concept is shining like a diamond for unique NFTs digital collectibles. However, experts are looking to see NFTs use cases in real-life property ownership systems but still, many NFTs projects are getting traction with the simple concept of buying & selling artworks or digital items.

Recently Ethereum Name Service released 10,000 four-digit .eth domains ranging from 0000 to 9999, the NFTs token collection. Around 10k collectibles were sold in one day and also NFTs traders showed huge attention to these NFTs collections. On the secondary marketplace, it showed a huge impact on the trade volume.

Dune Analytics data noted a spike in sales from 21 April to 28 April, eth. Name registrations surged from 2,721 to 21,188. In the last 7 days, its collection trade volume surged by around 3,333%. 

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In particular 008.eth domain purchased by NFTs buyer with 20ETH.

All these unique NFTs are unique at their level. However artworks are just collections to show off but here this .eth domain provides features of Ethereum wallet addresses, cryptographic hashes and, website URL use cases. Here not only retail crypto traders are registering names with .eth but also many big companies are involved like Puma, and Budweiser. 

These things are an example that there are still huge to come and we will see huge numbers of unique projects with unique use cases of NFTs items but it will be a matter of time. 

At present, some blockchain & NFTs leaders are working to introduce an NFTs concept in their systems of real-life-based priorities like houses and rooms on rent, etc.

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ENS domains’ .eth NFTs trade volume surges to 3,333%





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