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Esport platform ThriveFantasy will accept crypto payments

Esport platform ThriveFantasy will accept crypto payments 9

ThriveFantasy entered the crypto industry under a partnership with the global crypto exchange FTX. 

ThriveFantasy is a player prop-based DFS platform, which provides an alternative way to play Daily Fantasy Sports compared to the standard salary cap formats. In the latest, this platform entered into a partnership with FTX exchange.

Earlier today, ThriveFantasy announced that it will accept payments in cryptocurrencies as an alternative option for the clients. For the same, Platform took the support of FTX crypto exchange. 

So under the support of FTX, ThriveFantasy will allow transactions in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Uniswap, and Dogecoin like digital assets as a leading option.

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Adam Weinstein, the chief executive officer of ThriveFantasy, confirmed that he wants to remain in the crypto industry for the long run because they understand very well about digital assets holding and use cases. 

“ThriveFantasy has wanted to get into the cryptocurrency space for a long time. We understand the correlation and synergies between crypto holders and daily fantasy enthusiasts.”

Adam also appreciated the support of the FTX exchange as a leader for the platform to facilitate transactions in cryptocurrencies. 

“FTX is a leader as a crypto exchange and we know this is going to change the way transactions are dealt with moving forward.”

Under this new initiative, ThriveFantasy has full authority to allow other companies to use this technology under their branding. So basically this initiative will overall push the adoption of crypto among other companies.

FTX crypto Exchange

FTX is a leading crypto exchange in the crypto industry with 3rd ranking, by 24 hours trade volume. Exchange have operations in huge numbers of countries. 

At present, FTX is in the initial phase to expand crypto offerings in the US. 

Around a week ago, FTX reportedly entered into collaboration with Goodman Sachs to help each other with their resources. On one side FTX will provide crypto-related support, on the other side Goldman Sachs will help to deal with regulatory bodies in the US.

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Esport platform ThriveFantasy will accept crypto payments





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