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UAE Grocery delivery giant steps to support cryptocurrencies

UAE Grocery delivery giant steps to support cryptocurrencies 10

YallaMarket decided to step up with the modern payment system with the crypto payment options. 

Crypto & blockchain adoption surging rapidly, thanks to the decentralized nature of the network of blockchain. Despite huge volatility in the price of cryptocurrencies and unclear regulatory framework, the majority of the business giants are looking to adopt this industry as an opportunity. 

YallaMarket is a grocery delivery platform, which is based in UAE. Last week, the company announced its crypto payment features for the users for their orders for its services. However, this is not the first company in UAE because already some better numbers of companies and businesses added support for crypto payments options. But here initiative by this giant Grocery network is appreciable because online order services are increasing day by day and people want to get every possible option, as per their situations. 

To bring the crypto payments services support, YallaMarket established a partnership with CoinMena. CoinMena is a Bahrain-based digital assets platform, which will work for this company to help in payment acceptance easily with high speed and convenient ways.

Leo Dovbenko, CEO and founder of YallaMarket, also commented on this new initiative of the company and said that it is a step for the company in the crypto industry as a first-mover.

Right now YallaMarket will support Tether (USDT) & USDC stable coin payments only, obviously due to volatility concerns. The company is also planning to bring this payment option for the employees and workers to accept salary in digital assets. 

Reports noted YallaMarket may introduce these crypto payments features for its future partners and also for the investors in the company. 

YallaMarket CEO is a crypto & blockchain bullish person and right now he imagines going with the Metaverse system and using payment systems in Metaverse for the services. These things are hinting that YallaMarket may plan for the Metaverse based projects and ideas, however it will be a matter of time but trademarks filings for the same will be mandatory step, so in near future we can see some efforts by YallaMarket in Metaverse. 

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UAE Grocery delivery giant steps to support cryptocurrencies


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