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A person purchased a house with 1 BTC in Kentucky US State

A person purchased a house with 1 BTC in Kentucky US State 2

A person in Louisville city successfully purchased a house with roughly 1 Bitcoin payment directly.

At present adoption of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and Ethereum is continuously increasing and now these are not limited to investment and trading needs. The majority of the people are trying to use their Bitcoin holdings directly as payment instead to sell and then pay for the services.

On the first day of this week, the local news platform Courier-Journal reported that a person in Louisville, a city in the US state of Kentucky, purchased a two-bedroom house with direct payment in bitcoin to the house seller. 

The report noted that payment fee was only $0.7 and payment was completed within 8 seconds. Ashely Brown was the real estate agent, who facilitated the sale of this house via Bitcoin payment with the help of real estate company.

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The real estate agent said:

“I told the buyer I didn’t know if (using Bitcoin to buy the home) was possible. (…) I wasn’t sure if it was legal.”

The real estate agent also said that by including all charges like the cost of documenting, title fees, and commissions, the house was purchased by the buyer with roughly 1 Bitcoin. 

For a long time, the house buyer was seeking to invest his Bitcoin profit and was looking to use Bitcoin directly to invest in some better real estate property, now happy to find this deal which was completed with direct Bitcoin payment.

Buyer said: 

“I’m happy that I can help try and bring this technology to the future. There are so many uses for (Bitcoin), and I think we’re at the very, very early stages of it. It’ll be interesting to see where it goes.”

The report noted that it was the first of its kind of house purchase deal in the US with direct Bitcoin payment because the payment of the house buy deal was done in February of this year. And before February 2022, no one real estate company was allowing Bitcoin payment options for their customers.

Earlier this, we reported that Zome, a real estate company, facilitated house sale at 3 Bitcoin. And it was the first kind of the real estate property deal in Portugal, which was completed with direct Bitcoin payment settlement.

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A person purchased a house with 1 BTC in Kentucky US State






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