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American rapper Jackson says he is down with DogeArmy

American rapper Jackson says he is down with DogeArmy 11

O’Shea Jackson Sr. became the latest personality to join the Dogecoin vehicle. 

Dogecoin is a meme coin, which entered the crypto industry without any actual use case. Founders of Dogecoin revealed that they launched Dogecoin and explained to the crypto industry that creating a coin is just a joke. Dogecoin started to grab traction in 2020 under the leadership of Tesla CEO Elon Musk. 

Recently O’Shea Jackson Sr., American rapper, and actor, openly shared his support for the meme coin, Doge. Jackson quoted the tweet from Bill Lee, co-founder of MyDoge wallet, and said that “he is down with doge”.

O’Shea Jackson is popularly known as IceCube and his support for Dogecoin made Dogecoin founder Billy Markus happy, which can be seen in the tweet response. 

Dogecoin moving uniquely

No doubt that the current trend of the crypto industry is moving with the smart contract-supported blockchain networks but here Dogecoin doesn’t have plans to bring Doge blockchain under any kind of such blockchain development work.

Re-established Dogecoin Project team is working on the RadioDoge concept to allow the Dogecoin lovers to trade Dogecoin without the use of an internet connection in remote areas. It will remain bounded with the wireless network of Starlink satellite, which will make Dogecoin & internet available globally. 

Dogecoin price 

The current price of Dogecoin is $0.126 and this price is 5.6% down over the last 24 hours because of the usual market correction.

American rapper Jackson says he is down with DogeArmy 10

In the present time, the majority of the crypto projects are trying to collect attraction through web3, Metaverse & interoperability-based concepts but such works by Dogecoin developers to bring Dogecoin accessible in every situation is totally unique and appreciable.

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American rapper Jackson says he is down with DogeArmy





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