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Binance resumes Luna & UST trading with trading caution

Binance resumes Luna & UST trading with trading caution 8

Binance exchange again listed Luna & UST on the demand of Binance users.

Binance is a first-ranked crypto exchange, because of its quality crypto services. Exchange is itself a very unique platform, which always works to improve & enhance the user’s experience. The exchange has its own ecosystem of blockchain network, which is known as the Binance Smart Chain network.

Around 13 hours ago, from the time of writing this article, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao informed the crypto investors that Terra’ UST & Luna has been relisted to allow the crypto traders to trade with these collapsed coins.

“Was in a no-phone meeting for 2hrs. At least, there is progress…(..).Luna blockchain resumed, no more minting ….(..)…And deposits, withdrawals, and trading resumed. Trading is important for existing holders…(..)…Please do NOT buy a coin just because trading is on. DYOR! EXTREME caution!”

Statement by Binance CEO clearly shows that he has no trust with Terra ecosystem and also he is not in favour to suggest any person go with Luna & UST trade.

A user asked, why Binance relisted these two assets, then Binance CEO responded and said that majority of the Luna holders are willing to convert to Luna into different assets instead to withdraw.

David Gokhshtein, Pac Protocol co-founder, responded to the Binance exchange CEO and noted that people are criticizing him for the decision to delist Luna & UST. At the same time, Pac Protocol co-founder suggested Binance CEO delist it so that people can easily get out from the fear of missing opportunities.

At present time Luna coin is $0.00021 and this price is 97% over the 24-hour trade price.

Binance resumes Luna & UST trading with trading caution 6

Terra’ UST stablecoin is currently standing at a $0.18 value, which is itself an 82% down from its $1 pegged value.

Binance resumes Luna & UST trading with trading caution 7

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Binance resumes Luna & UST trading with trading caution






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