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Cardano secured a new director for open source development

Cardano secured a new director for open source development 9

A software developer of Input-output Hong Kong Global secured the postion of technical director at Cardano.

Cardano is a 9th-ranked crypto blockchain Network, in terms of 24 hours trade volume of its native token ADA. The initial initiative of the Cardano project is to bring blockchain technology as a leading financial tool at the commerical level, for the same reason Charles Hoskinson left the Ethereum project and founded the Cardano blockchain.

On 3 May, Mr. Benkort (@_KtorZ_ ) notified his Twitter followers about his new position in the Cardano project as a technical director at Open-source development. 

Matthias Benkort is already a very famous software developer personality of IOHK, the developer team behind Cardano blockchain. Benkert is working hard to contribute to the Hydra concept, a layer2 scaling solution for Cardano blockchain, to make Cardano highly efficient over all the blockchain networks. 

Now, Benkort will help Cardano’s open-source developer Dirk Hohndel to make the Cardano Blockchain network Open-source development and growth close to the goal. 

Vasil Hardfork

In the income months, the Cardano blockchain will go through a hard fork, known as Vasil Hardfork. With the Vasil Hardfork, the Cardano blockchain will become highly efficient for the Dapps. So there are huge possibilities, after Hardfork, huge numbers of DApps development will inflow.

After the Vasil Hardfork, the Cardano project team will introduce the Hydra concept to push the Cardano network’ scalability up to 1 million per second.

ADA price 

The current price of the ADA coin is $0.83 and this price 5.8% high over the last 24 hours. 

Cardano secured a new director for open source development 8

At this price, Cardano (ADA) is still struggling to recover from its last few months’ significant crash. At present time, ada coin is 43% down over last year. 

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Cardano secured a new director for open source development





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