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Defi firm Qredo secures crypto license in El Salvador

Defi firm Qredo secures crypto license in El Salvador 4

Decentralized finance firm Qredo got green signal to provide crypto services in El Salvador. 

Credo is an open-source community contributor and platform, which is committed to the Apache Milagro project, that provides core security infrastructure for decentralized networks and distributed systems. The cryptography that powers the MPC is open source, highly audited, and open to public scrutiny.

On 4 May, Qredo announced that it secured regulatory approval from the Central Bank of El Salvador to provide crypto services in El Salvador, as a part of the Bitcoin adoption initiative.

According to the released announcement, Qredo successfully passed the requirement of suitable custody BTC, provide Bitcoin wallets, process payments and act as a digital asset exchange.

So here Qredo passed all local and foreign regulatory mandatory requirements, which were needed to prove the operation’s nature under full compliance. 

El Salvador’s official digital Bitcoin wallet Chivo and Bitcoin kiosks, Paxos Trust Company, Paxful, and Bitcoin payment processor OpenNode have similar regulatory approval to provide services.

Anthony Foy, chief executive officer of Qredo, also commented on the success of the firm in El Salvador and said that it will encourage the firm to expand operations in Latin America.

“The BCR’s decision opens the door to further opportunity for Qredo in El Salvador, and increases our footprint in Latin America — a region we believe has enormous potential for digital assets.”

At present, Bitcoin lightning network-enabled Bitcoin wallet Chivo is continuously working in favor of the Bitcoin adoption initiative in El Salvador but still, huge numbers of similar kinds of based services are actively moving toward El Salvador’s market, thanks to the Bitcoin law Act of El Salvador, which was introduced in September 2021. 

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Defi firm Qredo secures crypto license in El Salvador





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