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deVere Group Exec reminds his January Bitcoin adoption prediction

deVere Group Exec reminds his January Bitcoin adoption prediction 14

The chief executive officer of deVere Group reminded the crypto community about his past prediction of Bitcoin adoption as a currency by three more countries this year. 

deVere Group, a financial advisory firm, recently published a blog. Through the blog, Nigel Green, CEO of deVere Group, quoted his prediction on Bitcoin adoption as a currency by three countries this year and noted that he is now closer to his prediction.

Green noted that the adoption of Bitcoin as a currency by the Central African Republic (CAR) was already in his mind. He also expects that another two countries will come from the Central American region or Latin American region.

“I expect Bitcoin will be adopted as legal tender in at least one more African and one Central or Latin American country before the end of the year.”

deVere Group CEO also noted that Tanzania is one of the expected countries in this race, which may adopt Bitcoin because in 2021 a document was disclosed, that noted that the Central Bank was drafting a bill associated with cryptocurrencies.

In particular, Green claimed that there are huge chances for Paraguay or Mexico to go with Bitcoin adoption as a currency. 

On Paraguay, Green said that country already passed a bill in December of last year, which includes provisions to use Bitcoin as a legal tender. 

In Mexico, Green said that he is fully confident that Mexico will follow the footsteps of El Salvador, to use bitcoin in payment systems. 

“I’m confident that a Bitcoin bill will be introduced to Mexico’s Congress this year (because several politicians) are going on record as saying they want their country to follow El Salvador’s example.”

Green also noted that Bitcoin or crypto adoption chances will take place in those countries, where record economic downfall or instability happens.

deVere Group CEO stated confidently that El Salvador was first and now the Central African Republic and further, it will continue because it is just beginning.

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deVere Group Exec reminds his January Bitcoin adoption prediction





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