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Early Bitcoin adopter claims Dogecoin is better than Bitcoin

Early Bitcoin adopter claims Dogecoin is better than Bitcoin 4

Roger Ver shared his point of view on the popular meme coin Doge with real facts.

Roger Ver is a popular personality in the crypto industry because he supported the Bitcoin and crypto community. Roger is popularly known to support Bitcoin in its initial phases under the name “Bitcoin Jesus”. Roger is also the founder of the platform.

Recently Roger Ver appeared in an interview with Bloomberg. Through the interview, Roger supported Dogecoin over bitcoin because of its efficiency in blockchain transactions.

Roger said that Dogecoin is much more reliable and also much better in terms of transaction fees and he will choose the best Cryptocurrencies as Dogecoin, Bitcoin cash, and Litecoin. 

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“Dogecoin is significantly better (than Bitcoin), it’s cheaper and more reliable. If I had to pick three contenders for the world’s dominant cryptocurrency, they would be Doge, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.”

Here Roger appreciated Bitcoin cash because he was a dominant person to manipulate the Bitcoin miners to force the Bitcoin network to go with a fork. In 2017, Under the leadership of Roger Ver, Bitcoin cash took birth. So here it is usual for Roger to support Bitcoin cash. 

Through the interview, Roger appreciated the Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s Twitter acquisition to make the Twitter platform much better. 

Elon Musk and Dogecoin

A supporting statement by Roger Ver for Elon Musk is hinting that he is happy for Dogecoin, it is getting support from the richest person in the world. 

Since 2020, Elon Musk supports Dogecoin, and also he believes that Dogecoin will be chosen as the best coin in the future for the payment system.

Because of Elon, the Dogecoin Foundation, a nonprofit organization behind Dogecoin, was established in late 2021.

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Early Bitcoin adopter claims Dogecoin is better than Bitcoin





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