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Elon Musk pointed out the fake Dogecoin founder account

Elon Musk pointed out the fake Dogecoin founder account 12

Billy Markus and Tesla CEO interacted with each other on the matter of Dogecoin Twitter spammer accounts.

Billy Markus is co-founder of Dogecoin. In 2013, Billy and his mate Jackson Palmer founded Dogecoin officially. Right now, Dogecoin is in the top 20 crypto assets list because of the leadership of Elon Musk in support of Dogecoin. Elon Musk’s Starlink and the Dogecoin project team are working together to make Dogecoin available globally accessible without even access to an internet connection.

On 13 May, Billy Markus tweeted that the majority of the people think that crypto is used for smug assholes. And the main reason behind this thinking is the acting nature of crypto investors, who shows that they smug assholes. 

Billy Markus also added a solution for the same. He suggested:

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” if you’re into cryptocurrency, instead of acting like a smug asshole, don’t.”

In this tweet, Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded and noted that a fake account, similar to the Dogecoin founder, spamming the tweet comment section & inviting people to join an unknown airdrop.

Elon wrote, if Twitter identities, real & fake accounts, then why does Twitter allow such spam comments by such accounts. 

In response to this tweet from Elon, Billy said that such Twitter accounts are like mosquitoes, which are more annoying than mosquitoes.

Elon Musk Twitter acquisition

At present, Elon is in the process to acquire the Twitter platform fully. Elon aims to make the ecosystem of the Twitter platform free from spam & spammers to provide a better user experience.

In particular, due to huge activities by crypto investors & related personalities on crypto, the crypto community aimed to get a better spam-free ecosystem because the majority of the bad actors remain active to promote their projects wrongly.

Few Dogecoin lovers say that Elon will introduce the Dogecoin tipping feature on Twitter but what will be the reality of it, time will tell.

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Elon Musk pointed out the fake Dogecoin founder account






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