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Terra Classic , Terra chain

Luna Hard Fork Update

Terra (LUNA) will likely be completing a blockchain fork on Friday the 27th of May in response to the recent LUNA & UST crash.


The fork will create a new chain without the UST stablecoin, which will retain the Terra name and LUNA ticker, the original chain will then be known as Terra Classic with a ticker LUNC (LUNA Classic).


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CryptoCompare will be taking the following steps to ensure data for both the new version of LUNA and the original LUNA Classic will be available throughout the process.


Initially all data for the new version of LUNA will be mapped to a temporary ticker called LUNA2, leaving ‘LUNA Classic’ data on the LUNA ticker.


Once the majority of exchanges have completed their intended actions and normal trading has resumed we will move all ‘LUNA Classic’ data from LUNA to its new ticker LUNC.


Finally once all LUNA Classic data has been cleared from the LUNA ticker we will migrate all new LUNA data (held under LUNA2) back to the intended LUNA ticker.


You can read more about the ‘Terra revival plan’ here.


Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions.


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