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MakeMyTrip aims to push tourism in India with Crypto NFTs

MakeMyTrip aims to push tourism in India with Crypto NFTs 14

MakeMyTrip became the first-ever Indian travel company to step into the crypto & NFTs world.

 MakeMyTrip is an Indian online travel company, which was initially founded in 2000. This company provides online travel services, which include airline tickets, domestic and international holiday packages, hotel reservations, rail, and bus tickets. MakeMyTrip has several international offices in New York, Singapore, Bangkok, and Dubai-like places. 

Initially, MakeMyTrip launched its unique digital collectibles NFTs on 14 March 2022. 

On 3 May, a local media outlet Outlookindia reported that the company successfully sold ” NFTicket” with an auction value of $1 million, which is a clear hint about the success and response for the company in the crypto industry. Indirectly, the company sold the highest worth of tickets digitally, which is itself the biggest history record. 

The “NFTicket” is a  Spanish airline Air Europa and TravelX partnership, which focuses on working on the blockchain-based distribution protocol for the travel industry. The NFT also confers ownership of a work of art by contemporary artist Carlos Betancourt

Each NFTs collection includes images of specific tourist destinations in India. The company will further use the raised funds to focus on the promotion of Indian tourism globally. 

NFTs concept used to next level 

In the very starting, NFTs entered the crypto industry with the concept of artworks and some digital items sell but in the present time it is moving toward the high-level use cases. 

Leaders of blockchain technology-based NFTs, are working to introduce some use cases for the NFTs in the real-life house or property ownership systems. They are even working on a protocol to enable people to own rented rooms, which can be beneficial for the travel agencies to provide a better experience for the tourists to stay at a new destination.

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MakeMyTrip aims to push tourism in India with Crypto NFTs





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