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Polkadot’s long-awaited interoperability upgrade is now live

Polkadot’s long-awaited interoperability upgrade is now live 21

Polkadot blockchain is now one step closer to bringing the blockchain network’s interoperability closer. 

Polkadot is an open-source technology-based blockchain platform and its native cryptocurrency Dot is standing at 14th ranked crypto asset by 24 hours global trade volume. Polkadot blockchain provides interconnectivity and interoperability between other blockchain Networks. 

On 4 May, The official Twitter account of Polkadot announced its new upgrade to bring the ability for the blockchain to blockchain messaging and communication, which are under the Polkadot para chain ecosystem.

upgrade included a batch call upgrading Polkadot’s runtime to enable para chain-to-para chain messaging over XCM and upgrading #Statemint to include minting assets (like NFTs) and teleports.”

In this upgrade, Polkadot’s XCM will play an important role to provide a better interconnection between different blockchain networks, which will allow stable and better communication between the para chain, which includes smart contract & Dapps communication also. 

Hoon Kim, Astar Chief Technical Officer, also passed a statement on Polkadot’s XCM release and noted that it will bring better connection between the multi-blockchain networks.

We have bridges which are like a trading route that first connected nations from nations. Now we have XCM, which is like a free trade agreement for blockchains. This is the natural future.”

The statement of Hoon indirectly noted that the Polkadot project sees all the leading blockchain networks as potentially needed blockchain networks and also believes that integrated use of all blockchain networks together, like multiple states in a country, will give better results.

Price action 

Due to this news, the price of DOT coin pumped by around 9% within 24 hours. The current price of the Dot coin is $16.30 and this price is 8.65% high over the last 24 hours’ trade price. 

Polkadot’s long-awaited interoperability upgrade is now live 20

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Polkadot’s long-awaited interoperability upgrade is now live





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