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UAE’ Emirates Airlines plans to accept Bitcoin payments

UAE' Emirates Airlines plans to accept Bitcoin payments 2

The national Airline company of UAE is seeking to adopt crypto, NFTs & Metaverse for its customers and staff operations.

The United Arabian Emirates (UAE) is continuously moving toward better policies to allow the crypto companies to start their better & high-quality based operations in UAE regions. Recent years showed that UAE government agencies took the precise steps toward the Crypto & blockchain industry adoption. And also influential companies are trying to take advantage of this situation as first movers. 

Recently Emirates, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, announced its plan to jump into the crypto & blockchain industry to provide better options for the customers as a choice, in its services.

Adel Ahmed Al-Redha, Chief Operating Officer of Emirates, said that company is currently under the consideration to adopt Bitcoin as an option for the customers to pay for the services and also to add NFTs(Non-fungible tokens) on the company’s website so that people can trade NFTs.

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According to the Arabian Travel Market reports Arab News on May 11, the Chief Operating Officer of Emirates stated to the media that the company will hire crypto & blockchain talents in Dubai to establish its staff to develop company’ own system to monitor the needs of the staff. This is a clear meaning that Emirates is not only planning to adopt cryptocurrencies but it will use the tamper-proof high data speed information-based systems, based on blockchain technology.

Al-Redha said: 

“NFTs and metaverse are two different applications and approaches…..(..)…..airline would look at using the blockchain to trace records of planes as well”

The company will also develop its Metaverse to use high-level virtual reality-based technology to bring the company’s “operation, training, sales on the website, or complete experience — into a metaverse type application, but more importantly making it interactive”.

When Al-Redha was asked about the financial health of Emirates then he said that they are now recovering because of the increase in the numbers of passengers. However, officers admitted that they are facing a lack of accessibility of the resources throughout the network as a significant issue but still they are in a better situation than other countries.

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UAE’ Emirates Airlines plans to accept Bitcoin payments






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