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Use cases of Bitcoin will push its value, says Twitter co-founder

Use cases of Bitcoin will push its value, says Twitter co-founder 8

Former Twitter CEO responded to a tweet in support of Bitcoin price and value amid the critical downfall in the prices.

Jack Dorsey is the former CEO of Twitter and also he is the Co-founder of Twitter. In November 2021, he left his position as Twitter CEO because he was willing to give his full time to the blockchain & Bitcoin-related development works. Right now he is working for his Block company (formerly Square) to bring new Bitcoin & blockchain-related projects to make Bitcoin accessibility more easily globally.

On 13 May, Tom Philpott, the author of the “Military Update” column in US media and author of a few non-fiction books, tweeted that it was interesting for him to see tweets by Former Twitter CEO on Bitcoin despite Bitcoin was facing a downfall.

“Fascinating to see #bitcoin boy @jack tweeting so much about Kendrick Lamar while #Bitcoin burns.”

In response, Jack Dorsey tweeted and wrote that he doesn’t see the price of Bitcoin but he cares about the value of Bitcoin and it will always increase in the long term because of its use cases among people.

Through the tweet, Jack tried to explain that Bitcoin will always go upward because of the ability of the population to access Bitcoin.

Few experts noted that Bitcoin Maximalist tried to emphasize people to see toward the efforts of the Bitcoin community, which is continuously working to make Bitcoin more easily accessible because of the open-source Bitcoin supported development works.

Jack loves only Bitcoin

Last year, when the Twitter developer team was working to integrate the Bitcoin tipping feature, at that time Jack Dorsey was questioned whether Twitter would add Ethereum beside Bitcoin.

Then indirectly he denied supporting any crypto networks except Bitcoin. Further through another separate tweet, Jack said that he will always support Bitcoin.

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Use cases of Bitcoin will push its value, says Twitter co-founder






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