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METROPOLY: Invest in Real Estate with Crypto in Seconds

METROPOLY: Invest in Real Estate with Crypto in Seconds 4

PRESS RELEASE. METROPOLY will disrupt and revolutionize the real estate market and make it possible for anyone to fractionally buy, sell, and invest in real estate assets such as apartments, single and multi-family houses, penthouses, and villas in popular cities and desirable areas across the globe in a completely decentralized way for as little as $100.

METROPOLY is building the world’s first completely decentralized real estate NFT marketplace based on the Ethereum blockchain. Each real estate NFT sold on the Metropoly Marketplace is backed by real-world properties.


Metropoly’s vision is to make the real estate market accessible to people worldwide regardless of their origin, country, or credit score with a global decentralized Real Estate NFT marketplace backed by real-world properties.

Imagine if a person from anywhere in the world could buy fractions of a multi-million dollar penthouse in London, a single-family home in Paris, and a villa in Dubai, all for less than $1,000 USD, with cryptocurrency, in less than 60 seconds, completely decentralized and without any paperwork. That’s what Metropoly is building with their real estate NFT marketplace.


METROPOLY will have a pre-sale in the form of a community fair launch starting from October 30th, 2022. It has no whitelist and is available for anyone using their Metamask or Trust Wallet.

Metropoly is introducing a new ERC-20 token to the crypto space. Built on the Ethereum Blockchain, METRO has a limited supply of 1 billion tokens and is the utility token of the Metropoly Ecosystem. The novel token will be primarily used as a payment and reward method on the platform, has been successfully audited and has no taxes.

The Metropoly token presale starting soon offers early adopters the opportunity to be the first to invest in the platform. The company offers five membership tiers, from Student all the way to Tycoon.

Each tier offers unique incentives such as special limited edition NFTs, cash-back on investments and bonus METRO tokens which can be utilized on the platform to invest in selected properties. All participants are automatically enrolled in our Platinum Member’s Club, with rewards starting from only $100 USD.

The Metropoly presale runs from October 30 – December 20, 2022, and the sooner you invest the more bonuses you receive. Visit to learn more and become a member of the Metropoly ecosystem.


Metropoly’s team is based in London, Dubai & Ontario. We have several years of experience running successful international businesses, including institutional real-estate and blockchain companies with a primary focus on scaling innovative start-ups in different industries.





METROPOLY: Invest in Real Estate with Crypto in Seconds



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