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Now Polygon will help next-gen ocean conservation initiative

Now Polygon will help next-gen ocean conservation initiative 6

Polygon established a partnership with a world-class ocean conservation NGO. 

Polygon is a popular Ethereum scaling solution network, which is known to provide highly efficient crypto transactions. Mainnet of Polygon network was launched in mid of 2020 and now it is one of the leading crypto projects of the crypto sector, in terms of global trade volume of its native token Matic. 

On 6 October, the Polygon team announced that it established a partnership with Ocean Conservation Exploration and Education Foundation (OCEEF). The main aim of this collaboration is to push ocean literacy via new interesting, entertaining, and engaging ways to give people exposure to deep underwater missions. 

The polygon team said that Polygon may help to push social awareness via the use of Web3 technology support and also Alex Moukas, OCEEF’s CEO believes that Web3 may play an important role to accelerate the engagement & education among people about the importance of the ocean.

Polygon team further stated:

“Through the #metaverse and other tools, #Polygon will help democratize access to RV Odyssey – one of the most advanced ocean research vessels around the globe.”

The Polygon Co-founder Sandeep Nailwal said that the technology of the Polygon blockchain network & its ecosystem can make better levels of social changes across the globe. 

Earlier, in April of this year, the Polygon team committed to becoming a carbon-negative crypto project by the end of 2022 and also allocated $20 million worth of funds to achieve carbon-neutral status in the blockchain sector. The Carbon neutral based steps by the Polygon team was appreciated by many crypto proponents because Crypto critics always target crypto & blockchain technology over carbon footprint issues. 

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Now Polygon will help next-gen ocean conservation initiative



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