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NuriFlex successfully completed 1st round of NuriTopia $NBLU token private sales

NuriFlex successfully completed 1st round of NuriTopia $NBLU token private sales 12

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, 12th October, 2022, Chainwire

NuriFlex  Holdings Inc. announced that it has successfully completed 1st round of $NBLU token private sales. $NBLU token is intended to be a native token in NuriTopia, which is a metaverse platform for global users’ social interactions.

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As NuriFlex successfully launched NuriTopia community channels (Telegram : NuriTopia and NuriTopia Korea) and completed 1st round of private sales of $NBLU, the native token for NuriTopia, the company is now planning to focus on expanding NuriTopia’s business ecosystem and listing $NBLU token on a global exchange.

There are approximately 90,000 members interacting and sharing various information in the NuriTopia community channels (Telegram : NuriTopia and NuriTopia Korea, Twitter), and the pre-registration event is going on until October 31, 2022, for all community members. For all members who pre-registered, there will be pre-registrant exclusive items that can be later used in NuriTopia; moreover, those providing a crypto wallet address will receive 50 free $NBLU tokens (offer limited to the first 40,000 pre-registrants). NuriFlex will hold another round of events with plenty of rewards in November.

The NuriTopia metaverse platform developed by NuriFlex is a virtual place where everyone with similar hobbies and interests is invited to freely communicate and interact using various communication tools (voice, video, text, animation, etc) provided within the platform. Additionally, users are able to create virtual business activities such as B2B or B2C advertisements, NFT transactions, e-commerce, and more.

About NuriFlex Holdings Inc.

Located in Vancouver, BC, Canada, NuriFlex Holdings Inc. is a parent company to the NuriFlex Group, including NuriFlex Inc., NuriFlex Co., Ltd . (Korea), NuriVoice Co., Ltd. (Korea), NuriVista Co., Ltd.  (Korea), NuriBill Co., Ltd.  (Korea), MediHub Co., Ltd.  (Korea) and more. NuriFlex Group provides solutions like metaverse platform, digital payment, AMI & Energy Platform, VoIP & Communication Platform and medical consulting platform.


Elizabeth Park
NuriFlex Holdings Inc.
[email protected]

NuriFlex successfully completed 1st round of NuriTopia $NBLU token private sales



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