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People can contact Dubai police in Metaverse

People can contact Dubai police in Metaverse 7

Ajman Police launched a Metaverse platform to allow citizens to get into contact with police virtually by sitting at home. 

The United  Arab Emirates (UAE) is moving toward blockchain-based technology adoption, which can be seen through the ongoing initiative by the UAE to bring Metaverse across all governmental and commercial enterprises.

On 16 October, Khaleej Times reported that Ajman Police in Dubai became the first Government Enforcement agency to launch the Metaverse platform. 

Through the Metaverse platform, police station will provide their services directly through the virtual world. In short, it will be easy for the citizens to contact the Ajman Police directly by sitting at home. 

This new service of Ajman Police is dubbed “Request for Sponsorship” to allow citizens & police departments to connect remotely & easily.

Blockchain & Metaverse increasing roles 

Initially, when the concept of Metaverse was introduced into the world then the majority of people were underestimating it and claimed that Metaverse is only a virtual reality-based concept, which may not be useful more than entertainment purposes.

But now the assumptions of possible use cases of Metaverse are getting wrong and the involvement of huge numbers of high-level use cases are increasing the attraction of government agencies directly.

In the present time, South Korean & Chinese government agencies are directly involved in Metaverse-related project investment & also they are working to develop new policies to ensure a citizens-friendly Metaverse ecosystem. 

Earlier this, On 12 October, India’s Firozabad district police Launched an FIR portal on the Polygon network, so that people can easily file compliant without any tension of change of actual complaint.

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People can contact Dubai police in Metaverse



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