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Uplift DAO partners with MoonPay to make it simpler to invest in Web3 projects

Uplift DAO, a cross-chain Launchpad that offers crowdfunded support for Web3 projects, has announced that it is integrating MoonPay to simplify the process of investing in Web3 projects.

After the integration, Uplift DAOP users will find it easier to invest in new and exciting Web3 projects through traditional payment methods like bank transfers. The partnership will offer a major breakthrough to one of the main barriers for investors who want to invest in Web3.

Growth Lead at Uplift, Irina Berezina, said:

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“At Uplift DAO one of our core missions is to lower the barrier of entry to Web3 investment opportunities, whilst simultaneously raising the standard of usability for our users. By integrating MoonPay onto our platform, this is a key step towards web3 scalability not only for us as an IDO launchpad but for the future of web3 investing.”

The process of joining Web3 is mostly a rough encounter for a majority of investors since in most cases they are forced to first find a way of acquiring a cryptocurrency. And truth be told, the process of buying cryptocurrencies may not be that simple for beginners.

Many would-be investors opt to invest in projects that allow them to use traditional payment methods and mostly those that allow them to invest in fiat currency thus making them keep off the Web3 industry.

A new easy way for investing in Web3

With MoonPay, Uplift DAO is setting a new standard for investors wishing to invest in crypto and Web3 projects. MoonPay provides a simple on-ramp for anyone wanting to buy cryptocurrencies using fiat as well as a simple off-ramp for those wishing to convert their cryptocurrency holdings into fiat money.

Commenting on the partnership, the senior business development manager at MoonPay, Oliver Jeffcott, said:

“Our industry needs capital to continue to evolve. Our partnership with Uplift will make it even simpler for people to get involved in financing projects they believe in and reap the benefits of the growth of web3.”

MooPay’s payment infrastructure also provides a seamless and widely understood payment experience for investors. It allows for the conversion between fiat, cryptocurrencies, and Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and supports all major payment methods including debit and credit cards, local bank transfers, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Uplift users will get the opportunity of buying a stake in the various Web3 projects on Uplift DAO and also purchase different virtual assets on the platform without much of a hustle.

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Uplift DAO partners with MoonPay to make it simpler to invest in Web3 projects



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