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Binance seeks to collab with Facebook’s Meta

Binance seeks to collab with Facebook's Meta 3

Binance is interested in the Metaverse-related development works by leading international companies like Meta, Google, Microsoft, etc.

Binance is a popular digital assets service provider company, which is known for its secured services. Exchange is standing at first rank because of its better services. The back-end company behind the Binance exchange is very big which includes high-level crypto & blockchain talents of the world & they continuously remain ready to fight against illicit activities going anywhere in the crypto sector.

On 5 November, The official Twitter account of Binance exchange tweeted that adoption of Metaverse is continuously increasing and also companies focussing on Metaverse are trying to increase the ability of Metaverse-based projects and also Binance exchange is focusing on the leading Metaverse interested companies.

The shared blog post noted that Binance exchange is interested in the Metaverse focussed efforts of Google, Facebook (formerly Mera), Microsoft, Epic Games, and Tencent.

Binance exchange noted that social media giant Meta company is leading company in the Metaverse-related development works and also the company knows very well that cryptocurrencies & NFTs are an important part of the Metaverse ecosystem.

“It’s obvious that Meta already has ownership of many of the metaverse’s key elements. On a smaller scale, we can already see some of their metaverse developments.” Binance stated

And also stated:

” metaverse. With its Libra project also underway, we’re likely to see this incorporated into Meta’s future too.”

BNB coin

BNB is the native token of the Binance exchange and the current price of BNB coin is $351 this price is 0.04% high than the last 24 hours’ trade price value.

Binance seeks to collab with Facebook's Meta 2

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Binance seeks to collab with Facebook’s Meta



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