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Now Trust Wallet available in Binance Pay Ecosystem

Now Trust Wallet available in Binance Pay Ecosystem 2

Popular decentralised crypto wallet “Trust Wallet ” announced its integration with Binance Pay.

Trust wallet is a popular decentralised crypto wallet, where the wallet remains fully decentralized & out of the control of any centralised company. Any crypto investor can trade & hold his crypto assets on Trust wallet without any KYC barrier. Trust Wallet is also a service of Binance exchange.

On 16 November, the Trust Wallet team announced that devs integrated this wallet with BinancePay, a centralized crypto payment wallet of Binance exchange. 

This latest development will allow the Trust Wallet users & Binance users to transfer funds to & from between these two platforms within a matter of clicks, instead of going into the Trust wallet every time. 

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Devs also confirmed that Binance Pay support is only available on the Android platform but soon it will be available for iOS users also.

“Binance pay is currently available for Android devices only. iOS support is coming very soon!”

Trust wallet in browser mode 

Just recently the Trust Wallet team released a browser extension of the Trust Wallet, to allow customers to access the Trust wallet easily without any app download. 

But few people found that they are not getting all those options in browser extensions, which are available on Trust wallet.

So probably it will take time for the Devs to bring all the necessary & beneficial features of Trust Wallet in the browser extension mode. 

A few users also reported that they found some kind of issues with Trust wallet use in the Binance Pay wallet directly, so these are showing that it will take time for these developments works, to provide enhanced optimized services.

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Now Trust Wallet available in Binance Pay Ecosystem



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