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Soon Twitter may allow Bitcoin payment for “blue tick” signs, Says Strike CEO

Soon Twitter may allow Bitcoin payment for "blue tick" signs, Says Strike CEO 2

Jack Mallers responded to Elon Musk’s new “blue tick” verified account system on Twitter and said that the Bitcoin payment option should be there as an option.

On Friday of last week, Elon Musk successfully purchased Twitter for $44 Billion. The main aim to acquire Twitter by Tesla CEO was to make Twitter a free speech & much more user-friendly ecosystem.

On 1 November, Musk announced the new “blue tick verified system” of the Twitter platform and said that all Twitter users who want to get a blue tick can get it easily for an $8/month fee. 

Musk noted that the old system of the blue tick mechanism on Twitter is now no more good, and also the new system will not only help the users to get new features but also will help the Twitter company to generate revenue.

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As we know that Musk is a fan of Dogecoin and also he holds Bitcoin & Ethereum but didn’t mention anything about any of these digital currencies.

Jack Mallers, CEO of Strike, responded and said that Bitcoin lightning-enabled wallets allow Bitcoin payments at around zero fees, and also payment settlement happens almost instantly. 

Further Strike CEO said that the company is already in connection with Twitter since the company introduced bitcoin tipping features last year. So it is expected that soon Twitter will bring the Bitcoin payment option for the users to grant a blue tick verified sign on their accounts.

It is worth noting that, the initial idea of Bitcoin network use in the Twitter ecosystem, to reduce spammers, was proposed by the former CEO of Bitcoin bullish & software business intelligence company Microstrategy’ Michael Saylor. 

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Soon Twitter may allow Bitcoin payment for “blue tick” signs, Says Strike CEO



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