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Tezos CEO believes the next crypto bull cycle is still far from now

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The chief executive officer of the Tezos platform shared personal opinion on the current ongoing small uptrend in the crypto industry.

Tezos is a popular open-source blockchain that can execute peer-to-peer transactions and serve as a platform for deploying smart contracts. XTZ is a native token on the Tezos platform, which is ranking at 43rd position in the crypto Industry over the last 24 hours’ global trade volume.

On 2 November, Kathleen Breitman appeared in an interview with CNBC. In the interview, she mainly talked about the ups & downs that are going on in the crypto space. 

However, the crypto market is showing some bullish moments and many crypto assets are showing significant increments in their trade prices but still, Kathleen claimed that the next crypto bull run is far from the current time. 

According to Tezo’s CEO, many Crypto assets showed significant upsides because of the artificial money flow in the market, over the last few years. 

In particular, she dragged NFTs trade volume downfall as an example to prove her point of view. She said that the trade volume of NFTs on OpenSea plunged from $3 Billion to $350 million, in only the last year of the time frame. 

“There is a phenomenon that has kind of crested and gone away in a lot of these markets, but meanwhile, they’re saddled with a $13 billion valuation,” Kathleen stated.

Further, Kathleen said that only particular numbers of crypto assets are under a better use case. But still, she believes that those less useful crypto projects will get out of this hostile situation to a better one. In short, the majority of the crypto projects will try to bring a better use case with their corresponding crypto projects. 

Tezos executive also said that the mentality of people toward the crypto sector was not much better from the point of view of metric or even blockchain tech over the last 10 years but now surely the increasing use cases of cryptocurrencies will help to bring adoption of cryptocurrencies at a better scale. 

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Tezos CEO believes the next crypto bull cycle is still far from now



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